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We are a high-quality drum manufacturer "Melany drums" based in Northern Europe - Latvia. With the knowledge acquired over time, the skills given by nature, using top-quality materials and fine-tuning own technologies, we have created unique, exclusive products.

We believe wood must have its natural structure and come from a a tree which has grown naturally, so we do not want to bend or press it unnaturally in order not to subject it to strain. Unnaturally bent or compressed wood will not have its true sonic nature. To achieve maximum quality of sound and for wood to demonstrate its unique natural properties, it must be free and calm, and without inner stress. This is why we are here to create individualised sound specifically for you...

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I am a passionate drummer, and quality, details and nuances are key for me in music and otherwise. I like and am impressed by everything that is different and unconventional. I found everything the same and boring in music. This was a drive for me to become different from other drummers not in terms of skill, but with sound and its quality...

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SIA Melany drums ar Eiropas lauksaimniecības fonda lauku attīstībai Latvijas Lauku attīstības programmas 2014-2020. gadam pasākuma “Atbalsts LEADER vietējai attīstībai Sabiedrības virzītas vietējās attīstības stratēģija ”. Atbalsts jaunu produktu un pakalpojumu radīšanai, esošo produktu un pakalpojumu attīstīšanai, to realizēšanai tirgū un kvalitatīvu darba apstākļu radīšanai līdzfinansēto projektu nr. 17-04-AL25-A019.2101- 000004 ir iegādājusies galdniecības, kokapstrādes ražošanas iekārtas.

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